Loyalty program

Join our Houseboats Loyalty Points Program today!

Loyalty Rewards 2

Simply complete the form below, tell us if you have booked with Houseboats Port Alfred since September 2017 and earn a FREE LOYALTY POINT!


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Terms and Conditions:

– Points and free nights are not transferable to others, nor exchangeable for cash,
– ‘Free night’ or ‘free day trip’ refers to zero daily rate charge,
– Fuel, security deposit and temporary skippers charges still apply,
– Choose between a free night or day trip on your 10th night booking,
– Only night trips since September 2017 will be recognized for loyalty points. No points will be rewarded for day trips,
– Houseboats Port Alfred Loyalty Program is an initiative of the current managers and points may expire should new management take over,
– Points redeemable at Houseboats Port Alfred only,
– Free nights / day trips cannot be claimed during high season and is subject to availability,
– Free nights / day trips must be booked in advance by email:   houseboatsportalfred@gmail.com or phone: 083 461 3849
– A maximum of 1 free night / day trip may be claimed per booking.