October is one of the best months for catching kob, and fishermen along our coast are reporting some great catches!

The Kowie River in Port Alfred is no exception and often yields big fish. The trick is to be at the right place, at the right time, with the right bait!

Port Alfred Houseboats have partnered with Alcocks Fishing Tackle, fishing legends in the area, to help get you right onto the fish… Literally!

With their tried and tested lures, soft-baits and techniques, and a fully equipped houseboat, you will have everything you need for a few days of great fishing and relaxing on the Kowie River.

With up to 13km of river to trawl, jig along prawn banks, rocky drop-offs, deep gullies and more, you are bound to fine-tune your drop-shot technique and hone skills which will deliver more fish throughout your fishing career.

Stop angling and start fishing!

Contact us today for rates and availability, or visit our website for more info.

For tackle and advice contact Alcocks Fishing Tackle on 041 365 6868 or visit their shop at 349 Cape Road, Westway Centre, PE.


Get in touch with our fishing partners and get advice on bait, tackle and the best spots to find the big ones!

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