Slow-Tube fun on the Kowie with Houseboats!

All set for a day of wholesome fun!

What an amazing day of fun in the sun, right here in Port Alfred.

It started with my daughter reminding me that it’s her birthday, again, and that a party may be on the cards… Cold sweat, fear, my lips went numb. I’m not funny enough in a clown suit and apparently not cool enough to entertain 12-year olds… So I racked my brain and thought hard about something fun, that lasts at least a few hours, and does not cost an entire Bitcoin!

Then it hit me, and I only had to say 1 word to get ear piercing squeals and shrieks to confirm the idea would work – HOUSEBOAT!

So there we went for a day-trip up the Kowie, with a mate for moral support, 5 hyper kids and 2 of our new slow-tubes to keep them busy during the cruise. Best idea ever 🙂

We stopped over at Mansfield Private Game Reserve for a quick braai and boerie rolls whilst the kids played on the jungle gyms and swam in the pool.

They had so much fun, and managing 2 tubes behind the boat was a breeze. The boats are made for slow cruising which is perfect for a safe and chilled slow-tube ride. Plus the occasional passing boat made for fun waves 🙂

The goal was to have tons of fun and to give my daughter and her friends a party to remember. I can, with confidence, say that goal was not only achieved but exceeded by leaps and bounds as each time we looked back, all we saw were smiles and teeth 🙂

You can also be a hero for a day. Contact us for pricing and requirements.

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